Healthcare Access and Affordability

Dinah believes that all people should have access to quality healthcare whether through private health insurance or state and federal programs. She supports Medicaid expansion to cover the nearly 150,000 Kansans who are currently ineligible for the program and cannot afford to participate in the private market.

Quality Public Education

Lenexa and Overland Park were built around high-quality public schools that invest in our children and the future of our state. Dinah continuously fights for the full funding of the public school system to maintain the excellence that her constituents expect from our state’s public education system.

Early Childhood Education and Development

Early childhood years are by far the most impactful for development and future success. As a mother and an NCSL Early Learning Fellow, Dinah supports parents and families in those critical years by pushing for smart policy reforms to create a simpler support system that would pay for itself several times over.

Firearm Policy Reform and Gun Violence Prevention

On the growing issue of guns in our communities, most Kansans agree on common sense reforms like training, background checks and red-flag laws that help protect survivors of domestic violence and those at risk of suicide. Dinah favors these policies and welcomes any opportunity to speak with constituents about legislative solutions to the gun violence crisis.

Restoring of Transportation Infrastructure Funding

Part of the work of the legislature is supporting a modern and efficient transportation system that allows people to access the State’s good schools and jobs. Dinah wants to ensure that transportation funding is not diverted to other parts of the government and is instead used for its intended purpose – smart investment that benefits the economy and everyday commutes.

Protecting the Environment

Throughout our state’s history, Kansans have relied upon the land for their livelihoods and ways of life. Dinah believes that we must work to protect the land, water and air from degradation and the imminent threat of climate change on behalf of future generations of Kansans.

Criminal Justice Reform

Since 1980, Kansas has quadrupled its prison population and numbers continue to increase, especially for drug offenses. Dinah supports a holistic approach to justice and rehabilitation that would keep more families together, reduce recidivism and ultimately low the huge cost to the state of locking people up – nearly $416 million this year.

Legislative Achievements

  • Joined with a bipartisan group of legislators to end the Brownback tax experiment and return vital revenue to the state budget.
  • Returned public education funding to constitutional levels.
  • Enacted housing protections for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and stalking.